Content Marketing Strategy & Pricing

Content marketing has been deemed one of the most effective methods of lead generation online. While other companies focus solely on link popularity, the value that Macoli's content marketing strategies provide stretches far beyond that of traditional link building. Macoli's content marketing services include:

  • A collaborative content marketing team comprised of individuals from every department of Macoli, including an SEO strategist, copywriting manager, and graphic designer
  • Strategies dedicated to increasing your site's overall power and rankings through high quality content signals
  • Original content ranging in the form of infographics, branded blog posts, motion graphics and even eBooks


Why Have a Content Marketing Strategy?

As part of a comprehensive sales funnel, content marketing is an effective marketing strategy. It focuses on providing website visitors with interesting content that takes many forms, from blogs and articles to infographics or motion graphics. Instead of making hard sales pitches, content marketing serves as a way to introduce consumers to your brand. It's a low pressure way to bring new leads into your sales process, all the while providing content that is truly helpful and useful.

While link building plans focus solely on text links, the value of content marketing comes from the myriad of departments involved and the creative techniques used to develop a content outreach strategy that goes far beyond traditional link building.

Other content marketing firms may focus just on creating your content—but we're different. Our plans include everything from design and creation to SEO, outreach, social media, and link earning.

Why is Web Content Marketing so Powerful?

Unlike traditional internet marketing plans that focus on one area of improving search engine rankings and traffic, online content marketing is a service that impacts your overall web presence. It introduces customers to your company or brand without being pushy. It convinces repeat visitors that you are trustworthy. And content marketing can spread your name far and wide, ensuring that more people know about you and what you are about.

The work doesn't stop after your content is published. To really unlock the hidden power of content marketing, you need links. A website outreach specialist will work to secure high quality content signals for your website and the content produced, which will increase your site's overall power and rankings.

These content links are well worth the content marketing costs. Search engines view them as one of the most powerful signals for a site's ranking and authority. Additionally, these backlinks establish an online brand through the original content being created. They can be in the form of custom infographics, branded blog posts, or even motion graphics, infographics, or eBooks and whitepapers.

What Do Macoli's Content Marketing Packages Include?

Team members from every department of Macoli collaborate on our content marketing plans. A single content marketing team includes the following members:

  • an authority blogger
  • a copywriting manager
  • a video producer
  • a graphic designer
  • a search engine optimizer
  • a content strategist
  • a website outreach specialist
  • a social media marketer

Our comprehensive content marketing services are enacted by professional, experienced team members who are experts in their fields. By choosing a content marketing plan from Macoli, you're choosing quality delivered by a team who knows how to get your content created, shared, and spread.

What's the Value of Content Marketing Services?

Social media is growing in popularity and importance by the day. If you are not creating content that can go viral or be shared in the many social networks, then your website and brand will fall behind the curve. However, creating effective content that will inspire social media users to interact and repost your brand's message does not happen quickly.

With a combined 150+ years of internet marketing and research experience, the Macoli content marketing strategists are able to provide award-winning service to your brand. Through our competitive content marketing pricing, you'll find a dedicated team devoted to creating the exact type of content that online searchers want to share.